a whole new way to read

If you're having a hard time reading, you're not alone. One in two of us are. We're here to help. Lots of science shows that music triggers memory. So we're gonna use that to get you where you need to be. 

The steps:

Step one:

The narrated story is set to music. Listen until you know it. 

Step two:

The same story plays, only now it's one word at a time; still narrated, same music. Repeat this until you know it. 

Step three:

It's the same as the last step, only now the narration is gone. That's okay. You're ready for it. 

Step four:

Now the story is the same as the begining, only you're reading it. Now you own it.



Begin below. 

step three

This is where it all happens!

step four

I knew you could do it!

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